ZenPop's January Packs: Available Now!

ZenPop's January Packs: Available Now!

Dec 01, 2019 Tags 

Our brand new January packs are available now!

Find out this month's pack themes!

Stationery - New Year Greetings


ZenPop's Japanese Stationery PackJapanese Stationery Subscription Box | January's theme: New Year Greetings


It's the end of the year in Japan, time for sending greeting cards to family members and friends. We’re also getting ready for 2020, called nedoshi (Year of the Rat) with items featuring cute rodents, like hamsters, mice and hedgehogs. Other items include two sparkling writing items, Mt Fuji sticky notes, and even a washi tape designed washi tape. Last but not least, you’ll receive the very first original ZenPop calendar! Happy New Year from ZenPop!

10 beautiful and unique items included.


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Sweets - Hello Honey


ZenPop's Japanese Sweets Pack
Japanese Sweets Subscription Box | January's theme: Hello Honey


Start the new year with a touch of sweetness! Treat yourself to this bounty of sweets, infused with the mellow flavor of honey. From honey peach gummies to honey and lemon candy to honey soy-sauce rice crackers, it's a bee-licious (delicious) selection! You'll also enjoy a wintry limited edition of Koala's March (crispy koalas filled with soft cheesecake), special Pokémon snacks with a bonus gift, and a bunch more delights!

15 sweet and delicious sweets and snacks included.


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Ramen - Tour of Asia


ZenPop's Japanese Ramen PackJapanese Ramen Subscription Box | January's theme: Tour of Asia


Fight the winter chill with these delicious and punchy noodles from across Asia. Tan tan men is a champion noodle dish from Chinese Sichuan cuisine, with flavors of roasted sesame and chili. Next up traditional Korean ramen, rich with umami. For a little something different, a Taiwanese mazesoba inspired by local Japanese flavors. We'll round out our Tour of Asia with some milder and classic ramen dishes from Japan, plus a special appearance from our most-loved character! Itadakimasu!

7 champion noodle dishes from across Asia.


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Ramen + Sweets Mix - Dinner & Dessert


ZenPop's Japanese Ramen + Sweets MixJapanese Ramen + Sweets Subscription Box | January's theme: Dinner & Dessert


This month, we're here to show you that snacking can be delicious and nutritious! Get your daily serve of vegetables, with two rich and hearty tanmen (ramen noodle soup) packed with premium veg. Still hungry? Dig into some crispy and colorful snacks, the perfect side dishes to your piping hot soup. You know the best bit about finishing your dinner? You get dessert! Indulge with Calbee's limited-time only luxury choco potato chips, Country Ma'am's adults-only treats and more.

2 ramen, 3 healthy snacks and 4 indulgent sweet treats.


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