Reviews from ZenPop's Top Fans: Tia

Reviews from ZenPop's Top Fans: Tia

Sep 30, 2019 Tags 

Have you met...Tia?

Tia, from a remote town in Australia, has enjoyed more than 20 ZenPop Packs. Japanese ramen and snacks are her thing!

Thank you Tia for your support!


ZenPop always provide a great selection of items month after month. I've never been disappointed by the themes and items that they choose and I always receive my packs in a timely manner.


Have you ever visited Japan?

Sadly I haven't had the chance to visit yet, but I'm hoping I'll be able to next year, my friend and I are already making plans!

I've wanted to go (to Japan) ever since I was a kid because it just looks like such a beautiful and interesting country.


What interests you the most about Japanese culture?

I'd say the food and fashion from Japan have always been the things that have drawn my attention the most. I'm always eager to try a Japanese dish for the first time and the fashion is very unique and fun.


How did you hear about ZenPop?

I think I first heard of ZenPop on Facebook, but didn't get around to making the decision to purchase until I saw a YouTuber try it out.


Why did you decide to subscribe to ZenPop?

I've always wanted to try some of the many snacks and foods that Japan has, especially ramen, and when I found out that ZenPop had a ramen option I knew I had to try it!


What were your favorite themes?

I think my favourite ramen theme would be the Tonkotsu and Tan Tan pack. My favourite Ramen + Sweets Mix theme was the Brunch Pack.


ZenPop's May Brunch PackBelgian waffle crisps from May's Brunch Pack


Did you have a particular item(s) you loved the most? Why?

The Belgian waffle crisps and BBQ Scorn share pack were a couple of my favourite items, they're definitely ones I would love to try again.


What has your ZenPop subscription experience been like?

It's been great, I've never been disappointed by a pack and everything always arrives on time.


What do you enjoy most about your ZenPop subscription?

I always enjoy getting my next packs in the mail because I can't wait to try some new ramen or a cute snack!


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