Reviews from ZenPop's Top Fans: Kaleb

Reviews from ZenPop's Top Fans: Kaleb

Sep 29, 2019 Tags 

Have you met...Kaleb?

Kaleb, from the United States, only subscribed to ZenPop in July, but has enjoyed the experience of being introduced to new ramen flavors he can't find in his hometown.

Thank you for your support Kaleb!


Have you ever visited Japan? 

I would like to one day to experience the culture!


What fascinates you the most about Japanese culture?

Just how different everything is from what I am accustomed to!


How did you hear about ZenPop?

I was looking for subscription boxes one day on Google!


Why did you decide to subscribe to ZenPop?

I wanted to try some noodles we don’t get here in the States!


What has your ZenPop experience been like?

My experience has been great!!!


What were your favorite themes?

My favorite so far has been the ramen packs! I like to taste different and unique flavors!


Did you have a particular item you loved the most?

I loved the Double Wasabi Yakisoba!


What do you enjoy most about your ZenPop subscription?

Really fast shipping and being able to try something I probably would not have otherwise had a chance to try!


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