ZenPop's September Packs are Available Now!

ZenPop's September Packs are Available Now!

Aug 01, 2019 Tags 

Find out about our brand new themes!

Available until 31 August 2019.

Stationery - Back to School


ZenPop's Back to School Stationery Pack


It’s Back to School season and we’ve got everything you need to start the school term right! Japanese stationery isn’t just kawaii, every item in this month’s pack is multifunctional or really useful. Decorate your new ring memo pad or planner sheets with two writing tools, highlighter, stickers, pre-cut washi tape and much more. We’ve made prepping for school a piece of cake. 10 items, including 3 writing utensils. Order now

Ramen - Savory Spice


ZenPop's Savory Spice Ramen Pack


This selection of ramen is an explosion of big and bold flavors that’ll have you coming back for more! Smoky, spicy, tangy, hot and sour - we’ve got something for everyone. Try a comforting bowl of Kitsune Udon or turn up the heat with a Double Wasabi Yakisoba! Each ramen offers a unique experience. Just add water and you're ready for your trip to Flavortown! 7 bowls of authentic noodles direct from Japan. Order now

Ramen + Sweets Mix - Zesty Summer


ZenPop's Zesty Summer Ramen + Sweets Mix Pack


This month we’re getting a little zesty with some citrus summer treats! Enjoy sweet and sour fruity candies and gummies, some of which are exclusive to the summer season. Add a touch of spice to your summer with a soupless tantan men, as well as a mellow miso ramen. Whether you want a quick zing or a warm spice, we’ve got a snack you’re sure to love! 2 noodle dishes and 7 full size snacks included. Order now

Sweets - Matcha Delights


ZenPop's Matcha Delights Sweets Pack


Experience the traditional flavors of Japan with our Matcha Delights Sweets Pack. Matcha, or green tea, is an incredibly popular flavor in Japan and you’ll find it everywhere! Enjoy a selection of gorgeously green treats - marshmallows, crackers, chocolate, chips and more. You’ll also try kinako (made from roasted soybeans) and of course, mochi! 15 kinds of sweet and savory snacks included. Order now