ZenPop's August Packs are Available Now!

ZenPop's August Packs are Available Now!

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Find out about our brand new themes!

STATIONERY - Summer festival

Come with us to a Japanese summer matsuri (festival) to eat tasty food and play quirky games. Then, let’s go watch a sumo tournament. Enjoy the joys and beauty of a Japanese summer with two beautifully patterned washi tapes, cute sumo items, and more high quality stationery from Japan that you'll love using all season and beyond. Includes 10 items, including 2 writing utensils. Find out more

ZenPop's July Tropical Dreams Stationery Pack

Ramen - Curry Cravings

Hold on, our trip to Spice City is about to begin! It’s time to satisfy your curry cravings with a selection of flavors inspired by Japan, Sri Lanka and India. Try traditional Japanese curry, as well as a creamy version from Japan’s most popular curry chain restaurant. Pair your ramen with a cold beverage and some pickles, and you’re all set! Includes 7 bowls of authentic ramen. Find out more

Ramen + Sweets Mix - Sugar & Spice

Sweet or spicy? This month you can have both! Enjoy Japanese noodle curry, as well as spicy (辛 / karai) Korean ramen and snacks. To balance the heat, you’ll get three types of cookies plus soda candies! Whatever mood you’re in, we have a snack just right for you! Includes 2 noodle dishes and 7 full size snacks. Find out more

Sweets - Island Vacation

One day, when we win the lottery, we’ll buy a tropical Okinawan island and invite you for a holiday! Until then, we’ve combined delicious tropical and summery flavors - pineapple, coconut, mango, kiwi, banana and more - in our Island Vacation Pack! Close your eyes and imagine the sound of the waves crashing on the shore! Includes 15 kinds of sweet and savory snacks. Find out more

Available until 31 July 2019.