Shipping Delays Expected for September and October Packs

Shipping Delays Expected for September and October Packs

Nov 15, 2018 Tags 


Thank you for your continued love to our ZenPop packs.


As you know, we mention on our website that delivery time takes about 2~4 weeks, which is an average for all countries we ship to in the world. However, it is an unfortunate reality of international shipping that problems can occur on occasion, and depending on the country of destination, packages can take longer to arrive.


At the beginning of September, Osaka International Airport was closed for over two weeks due to typhoon Jebi that hit Japan earlier that month. Our warehouse didn’t suffer any damage, however all packages had to be rerouted via Tokyo. It seems now that shipping has suffered a longer delay, as some of our packages shipped since the end of September have yet to arrive.


Under normal circumstances, packages almost always arrive within 6 weeks, but this time we kindly ask you to wait until it has been 8 weeks from shipment before contacting us, if your package was shipped in September or October.  


We truly apologize for any inconvenience the delay has caused. We will do our best to continue to deliver great products to you safely and efficiently.


Please refer to our return and refund policy in our FAQ.  


Thank you for your patience and understanding.


ZenPop Team