Announcement: Changes for Stationery and Ramen Packs

Announcement: Changes for Stationery and Ramen Packs

Jun 07, 2018 Tags 

Konnichiha everyone!

As you know, our team is always on the look for the best Japanese products to share with you. To this day, we have included 12 or more items in our Stationery Pack, and 9 items in the Ramen Pack.

Sometimes we find a very cool and interesting item that we have to pass up because it is outside of the available price range. That is why after careful consideration, we have decided to reduce the numbers of items in our Stationery and Ramen Packs, starting with July’s boxes.

Stationery Pack will include 10 items, which is 11 items for subscribers who receive a bonus.

Ramen Packs will have 8 items. You will soon be able to taste new and various flavors!

Other Packs will not be affected and price will remain the same. Through this small change, we hope to improve the value and quality of our Stationery and Ramen Packs.

We welcome any feedback you may have about this change. Please contact us if you have any other questions or concerns.

Thank you always for your trust!

Sending you love from Japan 💞