Join in Onkatsu (温活) - Soothing Hot Drinks for Winter

Join in Onkatsu (温活) - Soothing Hot Drinks for Winter

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Onkatsu (温活) is going viral in Japan. The term literally means ‘warming activities’ and includes daily habits to keep the body warm.

Many people, especially ladies, are now trying to live “warm” life because it’s beneficial for your health and beauty. It makes your skin brighter, reduces swelling, boosts immunity, and helps you lose weight.

There are several ways to practice onkatsu in your everyday life, but the easiest one is to change what you drink.

Having a warm cup of delicious tea gives you an energy and relaxation, but not all kinds of hot drinks keep the body temperature warm enough to beat the cold winter weather. For instance, coffee, milk, and green tea are not ideal in terms of onkatsu because these drinks reduce body heat even if you drink them hot.

So what should we drink? Here are the picks of soothing onkatsu drinks for you!

白湯 (Plain Hot Water)

Plain hot water has a good effect to warm you up. Just boil some water in a pot and cool it down until it becomes slightly warmer than the body temperature. Hot water improves your digestion and helps you lose weight. It’s economical and easy to prepare, so you can drink several cups of it each day.

生姜湯 (Ginger Water)

When it comes to onkatsu drinks, what crosses our minds first would probably be ginger tea for many people. In addition to the warming effect, it relieves your frozen shoulder and works as a natural appetite suppressant, too. If you don’t like the spicy flavor of ginger, add a spoon or two of honey or lemon slices.

ゆず茶 (Yuzu Tea)

Originally, Yuzu Tea was brought to Japan from South Korea, and now it’s one of the popular onkatsu drinks. Yuzu has traditionally been eaten to prevent cold and to gain vitality in Japan, too. In winter, people also enjoy Yuzu Bath to warm the body and to live a healthy life. The flavor of yuzu will make you refreshed and relaxed. Yuzu Tea is made by adding hot water to yuzu jelly. Of course, it is also good for dieters!

ほうじ茶 (Hojicha)

Actually, Hojicha is a kind of green tea but has a lower caffeine level. It is made by roasting bancha in a porcelain pot over charcoal and has a reddish-brown color.
Hojicha has a bunch of health benefits from protecting against heart diseases and tumors, to helping in weight loss, and to lowering cholesterol. The toasty, nutty flavor is pleasant and relaxing, but if you prefer sweet tea, add a spoon of brown sugar, which is also good for health and beauty.

ごぼう茶 (Burdock Tea)

Tea made from burdock…? Burdock is a kind of vegetable often hated by people, but luckily, that fiber-rich texture disappears when it becomes tea, though the flavor still remains.
Burdock tea is also a good choice for onkatsu and has other benefits too. Although it doesn't have the original hard, root-like sensation, it still contains soluble fiber, which also has several health benefits. If you are a big fan of Asian cuisine, try this tea!


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