The types of Japanese girls

The types of Japanese girls


Fashion style directly illustrates personality and decides what makeup look to go with. In Japan, there are a lot of different fashion styles from innocent Kawaii to sexy. We picked up some interesting types of fashion styles/vibes, and talk about each universe of the type including complement makeup look.

These are the girls/women you might meet while you're staying in Japan!

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Types of girls

  1. The pastel Kawaii girl - The dreamy, girly girl.  

        This fashion style became a huge stream by appearing the famous Japanese teen model, Peco (the picture below is her). According to Peco, her inspirations for fashion style are western girly movies and colorful American kids show such as Clueless and Power Puff Girls. Girls of this type are known for wearing too much blush. Also, wearing colored lens and high lift hair color for rocking doll-like makeup look is a must. If your personal belongings tend to be in pink, then you should be in this type!  


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    2. The chill girl - The most likable girl by girls.

        These girls rock high tone bleached hair with no bangs, bold matte lips, and defined natural eyebrows. These city girls’ up-to-date western trends inspired outfits are always on point so that they are admired by many of the other girls. These girls don't hesitate to express themselves and straight enjoying the diversity of fashion in the present day. They have a good sense of fashion if you are a girl you would want to be her friends, and if you are a guy... also wants to friends or even one day she might become a friend-like girlfriend.    


  3.  The sexy gal girl - The stunning pretty girl 

        Japanese gal has settled down to be more of natural fashion and makeup look compared to the past. Tight fit clothes like miniskirts, knee-high boots (or a pair of high heels) are their go-to. Their makeup is elaborately subtle but definitely, makes her look prettier. her feathery long eyelashes and reddish lips put everything together. The signature hairstyle of these girls is long hair dyed to soft dark brown with a loose curl. The girl tends to be surrounded by many male friends, and girls mostly just want to know the "magic", how she can pull everything off. 


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  4. The minimalist girl - The queen of adding a little something 

        Each and every piece this girl picks seems simple and basic, however, once she puts everything on, it is a "look". Loose-fitting silhouette clothes such as a big trouser, shirt, & jacket, plus wearing less makeup are musts. Her boyish outfit is well-balanced to subtly emphasize her ladylike appearance. Her fashion style is more of true-to-life compared to the other types of fashion, but still, she is shrewd enough to rock the outfit that makes her stand out! The girl is also likable from girls, especially on their Instagram, their outfits and lifestyle look amazing, stunning. One tricky thing is... it is somewhat harder to copy this girl's life/fashion style than as it looks like!   


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