It's a Giveaway and Art Contest!

It's a Giveaway and Art Contest!

May 11, 2017 Tags 

It's time for another giveaway. This time we have 8 boxes up for grabs. There are lots of ways to enter besides the art contest. Use the widget below to enter. 

Art Contest

This cute little bunny is our mascot:

ZenPop Bunny Buns

Cute right? She loves candy, writing letters to her friends, and eating noodles. But she wants to start traveling more!

We are asking our community to show off their art skills and draw our bunny traveling around, to your home country. What would she eat, or do, or wear? We can't wait to see your creativity. If you share it on Facebook, instagram, and twitter, you'll have more chances to win a free pack. PLUS, everyone here at ZenMarket and ZenPop will vote on our favorite illustration and the winner will get first choice of prize from the available packs.

You can email us your images to enter, or you can earn more chances to win by tagging your images and sharing them on facebook, instagram, and twitter.

We may share your images on social media, but we won't use them for any commercial purposes without your explicit consent. See below for details on how to enter!


ZenPop Stationery & Sweets Giveaway

Or visit the standalone giveaway page here.


Here are some pictures of the prizes you could win:

3 runners up will win one of these tasty Small Sweets Pack!

Small Sweets Pack

Stationery Packs:

Our first Stationery Pack was filled to the brim with awesome items. Highlights include Mildliners, and Kurutoga Pencil. See details here.

ZenPop Debut Stationery Pack
Debut Stationery Pack


Check out the details of the other boxes you could win


Good luck and thank you for supporting Zenpop!