Debut Salty Sweet Ramen + Sweets Mix Pack - Released in February 2017

Debut Salty Sweet Ramen + Sweets Mix Pack - Released in February 2017

May 03, 2017 Tags 

We produced Ramen + Sweets Mix Pack for you to enjoy a variety of Japanese tastes in one pack! The salty part included 3 bowels of noodles, buttery shortbread and matcha potato chips...?! The sweet part contained hard gummy candy, a dipping lollipop and cookies with a funny name.

Who first invented the combination of salty and sweet? It's brilliant!


  1. Mini Tan Tan Men
    Tan Tan Men in the pork broth soup spiced up with sesame, Sichuan pepper and Doubanjiang is nice and piquant! If it’s too hot, you may want to have it with onigiri (rice ball).
  2. Shoyu Noodles
    Chicken based spicy shoyu noodles. The noodles are flavored, and the soup contains pork, scramble egg, fish sausage and green onion.
  3. Mini Shio Ramen
    Chicken and pork based shio (salt) ramen is spiced up with vegetables, garlic and other kinds of spices. If you want to enjoy more of shio ramen, come to Hakodate in Hokkaido!

Sweets & Snacks

  1. Salty Butter
    This buttery and salty shortbread is really tasty and everyone who tries it would fall in love with it. Traditional salt from Bretagne, France is used for it. When we hear French words, we are sure it should be delicious. Agree?
  2. Coque D’Asses
    How much Japanese companies love to use foreign words for their products, often just end up confusing foreign people? This langue de chat (cat’s tongue) cookie has sweet milk chocolate inside and it really tastes much better than it sounds.
  3. Candemina Energy Soda
    Energy drink flavored hard gummy is very chewy so you need a strong chin or you can make your chin stronger with it. You can chew it at your office and keep awaken, but be careful not to annoy colleagues with your chewing sound;)
  4. Puchi Crackers
    Soy sauce glazed fried rice cracker is a kind of wagashi (Japanese sweets and snacks) and is very crispy and tasty! You may want to dip it in mayonnaise or have it with beer. Great match.
  5. Sherbet Pero Cider
    Another weird sound is here. Pero is a Japanese onomatopoeia that expresses licking sound. Inside the package, you can find a lollipop and sherbet. Dust the candy with sherbet and lick it.
  6. Matcha Potato Chips
    You think it’s a weird combination? So do we. But if you try them, they actually are tasty! Bittersweet matcha chocolate matches well with the salty chip.