Different Soup, Different Ingredients - The ultimate guide to make your RAMEN tastier
Jun 14, 2018 Tags 
Do you have ramen at your home now? Let’s cook and make it richer and more delicious.
Announcement: Changes for Stationery and Ramen Packs
Jun 07, 2018 Tags 
Starting from July the number of items in our Stationery and Ramen Packs will change.
Fruits Basket Pack - Released in May 2018
What was in May ZenPop stationery pack? 🍓
絵馬 ~How to Write Ema?~
Jun 04, 2018 Tags 
Do you know what is Ema? Let's learn how to write it!!
Feeling Fresh Pack - Released in May 2018 💙
Japan's Summer breeze is coming directly to you with the best and most famous Japanese skincare products!
Happy Nibbles Pack - Released in May 2018
Mini melon pan, mini butter rolls, mini cookies. Experience the best (and cutest) work of Japan’s flavor scientists.
Noodle Snack Pack - Released in May 2018
This pack was for all the noodle heads and people who love noodle heads.
Having skin troubles? - 6 DIY face masks you can make from foods
May 25, 2018 Tags 
Do you have a "private" beauty salon just for yourself? Yes, you do if you have a kitchen in your home.
Ramen Tour Pack - Released in May 2018
You’re invited to the ZenPop Ramen Tour across Japan. Will you join us?
Variety of Strawberry -How Japanese Enjoy-
May 21, 2018 Tags 
Which variety of strawberry is popular among 300 kinds?