How to Enjoy Japanese Strawberries
Mar 05, 2019 Tags 
Let's enjoy a Strawberry Picnic with all your favorite strawberry-flavored sweets!
New Subscription Options Now Available
Mar 01, 2019 Tags 
We’re making some changes to our subscription model.
February Pack Review
What was in our February Packs?
Hinamatsuri - It’s a Day for Girls
A special day for girls in Japan. Let's wish them success and happiness!
Harry Wood - Hedgehog Cafe in Osaka
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We went to a new Hedgehog Cafe in Osaka to meet the lovely creatures. 🦔
The Ultimate Guide to Tastier Ramen
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How to make your instant ramen even richer and home!
The Most Kawaii Animals
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Kiss your furry friends, as well as your loved ones, this Valentine’s Day
Regional Ramen
Feb 05, 2019 Tags 
How many Japanese regional ramen varieties have you tried?
January Pack Review
What was in our January Packs?
Our Top 3 Shoyu Ramen
Jan 30, 2019 Tags 
Japan’s oldest and best ramen (in our humble opinion!)